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The How-To Hootch: Scenery That Steals The Show   Thursday, October 13th, 2011   by Steve DaySteve Day

Thanks for all the interest in my demo on scenery last club meeting. It really helps when you guys get involved. I must have done a good job cuz I ran into one of our club members, Rob Yalden, at the Wheaton Train Show held that Sunday. He told me that he wanted to see more of the scenery that goes with train layouts. It's too bad the Wheaton Train Show doesn't offer much in the way of layouts.

After going over my notes, I realized it would take too long to put all that stuff into one or two how-to's, and half the stuff I wrote down, I don't understand anymore! But Uncle Maddog's got the fix.


The best way to learn this stuff is to see it being done on video,and then do it yourself. You can always refer back to the video ifyou need to. The first DVD I use for reference is "The Clinic" part# R970 by Woodland Scenics. I also use the DVD "Model SceneryMade Easy" part # R973, but the first DVD is the best. You canalso go to the Woodland Scenics website: www.woodlandscenics.com. They have a bunch of online how-tovideos that are a great help.

The kit I used at the demo is "The Subterrain Scenery Kit" part # S929. It contains all the stuff you need to complete the model you saw. All of the trees that were used on my model were from The Tree Lady Trees. They are some of the best-looking trees I've seen, and by far the best I ever modeled. You can check her out at the Wheaton Train Show every month, usually the second Sunday of the month. She gives little clinics there at the show, or you can reach her via e-mail:
Ingrid Dzozdak at ingridtreelady@sbcglobal.net.

That's it, guys! Give it a try. You will be surprised just how easy this stuff is and how much fun it can be!

If you have any questions, you know how to reach me.

Sci-Fi Rules!!!

Steve "Maddog" Day

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